Wednesday, 25 January 2017

CV And Resume – Are They the Same? follow us at

Have you been writing in CV in one place and Resume in the other? Did you think these were terms you could use interchangeably? Then think again.

In Latin, CV or Curriculum Vitae is deciphered as course of life. As the name suggests, a CV contains detailed information about your education, degrees, research journals, so on and so forth. A CV is also lengthier as compared to Resumes and claims 2-3 pages. There is more emphasis on the academic background. CVs are perfect for when you wish to apply for further education where the CV summary sums up key skills and credentials that potential employers look for. 

A resume on the other hand comprises of your work experience, qualifications, expertise and various other achievements. A Professional Summary or Career Objective are elective sections that you may choose to include or exclude. Resumes are the ideal document that are asked for commonly for job applications.

Resumes are meant to be brief with just a page or two of content. Bullet points can be used to maintain succinctness of information. There are several resume formats available such chronological, functional, and combination formats. Each of these formats are used for varied purposes like defining experiences based on skillset, based on the designation and based on the timeline.

For countries like US, the MENA region or Asia, CVs are most likely to be expected by employers. They are also more relevant in the academic and healthcare arenas.

At, our professional CV Writing Consultants are well aware of the requirements of both documents and work towards aligning their understanding with your needs to provide you utmost satisfaction. Get our team of professional writers to create a stunning Resume or CV for you at, UAE’s one-stop solution for resume writing needs.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Mind the gap: missing work history may damage your job prospect, follow us at

A powerful resume highlights the job potential of the candidates.  Similarly, a negative resume may become a great hindrance to getting a good job. While composing your CV you must find out if you have not kept any gap in your resume that can prove damaging to some extent in the course of your professional success or in finding a lucrative line of work.

Never mention any dismissal
Dismissals are part of life and sometimes it happens in job related areas also.  But A professional CV should not accept the record of this professional mishap.  The record of these mishaps may create a negative impression for the recruiters and that can negatively impact your job prospect.

Do not mention about health matters
Recruiters hate, in general, the employees’ chronic medical problems. So, unless you deliver something really critical recurring medical issues, you should not mention these elements in your CV. Recruiters will get apprehensive about your medical fitness and that's largely may affect your business prospect.

Lack of experience
Experience often becomes a deciding factor for getting a job. Lack of experience for applying a job at least in the middle of career may not be counted as a positive factor for the recruiters. In case you need to change your profession and you need to tweak your experience in favour of the new job applied, you should take help from an expert resume writer company Resume. ae.

Resume. ae, the professional resume writing category Dubai can help you in crafting a global standard resume for your grand exposure in the job market.

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Top 5 Skills to Include on your Blogger Resume, follow us at

Blogging is an activity that most people indulge in as a hobby, and the best part about blogs is that there is diversity in the kind of posts you can publish. Whatever you are passionate about – food, travel, music, money, you name it and there’s a blog for it.

If you’ve read our previous post on why blogs can be a part of your resume, you would know that blogging is no longer restricted as a hobby, but can also be used to connect with professionals and eventually land yourself a job.  What’s important is the kind of skills you include to stand out from your peers and make your resume scream “Hire Me!”

Here are a few skills you can add on your blogger resume:

What to delete:
1. Adobe Photoshop (or even the entire Adobe Suite) – Having a basic knowledge about Adobe Photoshop or even the whole of Adobe Suite is a great advantage to have. To run a blog, you’d of course need a whole bunch of beautiful photos and sometimes even animation or gifs to spike things up a bit. These skills help the employer understand that you can effectively execute the creative process.

2. Social Media – Social Media is all the rage in today’s world. Big brands like Nike, Adidas, Sephora and many others use a fair amount of social media marketing to get the brand more visible amidst tough competition.  Having social media on your list of skills is an added benefit because employers these days are looking for individuals to push their brand forward.

3. Branding + Marketing – Blogging is a good way to develop branding and marketing skills. When you create your own logo, you try to create your logo differently so that you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. This teaches you how to think creatively which a win-win skill is for employers.

4. Web Designing – Yes, we understand that designing is not something that everyone would prefer to be involved in and not everyone would be interested in getting into the technical bits of coding for web development. But you don’t necessarily need to be a web design guru, just a basic knowledge of platforms like Blogger would suffice to show employers that you are tech-savvy.

5. Writing – Writing is a part and parcel of every job role. Blogging is an excellent way to showcase your writing skills whilst honing them too to suit the needs of potential employers.

Like what you read but don’t have the time to implement these tips? Get the professional team of writers and consultants to do the job for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE. Call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Top 3 Words to Add/Delete from Your Resume, follow us at

Imagine this – there is a black-tie event where all the attendees have decided to dress in black. Boring, right? And just a moment later, a woman in a blood-red dress walks in like a breath of fresh air.

While this may sound like a cliché movie scene, it’s definitely going to be relatable once you decide to sit down and write your resume. You’ve sat down to prepare your resume and are working to enhance it with fancy words. You check a couple of resume samples and decide to include words like “led”, “responsible for” amongst many other commonly used words and feel confident about that new job you’re going to bag. But to any employer, it’s going to be akin to looking at another person in another black suit.

Here are a few tips to on what to add and delete from your resume:

What to delete:
1. Led – To be a team leader is of course a feather in your cap. Employers are also appreciative about it, so long as you don’t mention the word that everyone uses. Try using alternatives like “Coordinate”, “Supervise”, and “Administer” to add extra brownie points to your quota.

2. “Responsible for” – Whether you’re “responsible for drafting emails” or “responsible for generating profits”, the phrase is not impactful on potential employers anymore. Words like “Identified,” “Evaluated,” and “Assessed” have more potential to appease employers.

3. Achieved – We’re glad you’ve achieved whatever you did and so are the employers. We also understand you’d love to boast about it too because it’s worth it. But try to jazz things up a bit by using unconventional terms like “attained,” “gained,” and “accomplished.”

What to add:

1. Spearhead – Words like spearhead is a good functional verb to add if you are looking to revamp your resume.

2. Integrate – What sounds better than using the term “Integrate”? Integrate is a great verb to include in your resume because through this single term, you can showcase your ability to combine two or more responsibilities to promote operational effectiveness. Another word to use would definitely be “Implement” since it shows the ability to incorporate changes into systems.

3. Augment – So, we’ve heard words like “improve” or “enhance” being used repeatedly in thousands of CVs. Augment is a good substitute because it highlights the actual growth in processes.
Like what you read but don’t have the time to implement these tips? Get the professional team of writers and consultants to do the job for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE. 

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Why Keywords can Build or Break your Resume, follow us at

With millions of candidates sending their resumes to potential employers in the hopes of landing their dream job, it becomes crucial to enrich your CV with as many keywords as possible.

Why keywords, you ask? A large number of companies in the UAE use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software to ease the process of handling potential new recruits. That being said, keywords can be used to increase the visibility of the CV and make it more detectable.

Here are a few tips to on how to include keywords in your CV:

1. Add your target job – If your target designation aligns with the target job listed in the job posting, it automatically acts as your very first keyword.

2. Enhance your job description – Like most people, you too may look forward to including every job that you have undertaken during the course of your life in your resume, in a bid to make your resume appear as though you have conquered mountains. However, this can also backfire because more recruiters do not wish to know what you have done thus far. Their focus is on what you can do for them. Work on building your resume to be more performance based, which means you could include ways in which you have boosted the growth of companies you have worked at prior to applying for a new job.

3. Include a section for Professional Skills – Be sure to integrate a sub-head titled “Professional Skills” in your resume. This should be reiterated in your job description to strengthen the visibility of your resume.

Like what you read but don’t have the time to implement these tips? Get the professional team of writers and consultants to do the job for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE. 

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How long should your Resume Be? follow us at

You may have heard the popular myth – stick to a one page resume. But what do if you have years of experience that cannot be reduced to a single page? Or what if you are a fresh graduate looking for new opportunities and want to put everything under the sun in your resume, to showcase your diversity?

Let’s debunk the myth. Although it is recommended to keep your resume short, sweet and simple, do not cut down on necessary and well-written summary statements or career objectives. Here’s how to cut down or edit your resume.

Add everything that you do feel is important – job descriptions, achievements, publications – you name it, you add it. Once done, sit back and review. Reviewing is key because once you have everything out on the plate, you’ll know where you stand and what you’d rather highlight. Not every job description needs to be a part of your resume.

Next, read every statement carefully. Adjectives take a lot of room and quickly pile on to lengthen the resume by a large margin. The goal is to keep only power words and remove over-the-top adjectives to keep your statements concise.

A dedicated and motivated Sales Professional with over 15 years of experience working in the Food & Beverage Industry.

Target-oriented Sales Professional with 15+ years in the Food & Beverage Industry.
Finally, combine multiple bullet points into a single sentence to reduce the extra space.

  • Supervising a team of 10 people
  • Providing training to a well-functioning team

  • Supervising and training a team of 10 people

Like what you read but don’t have the time to implement these tips? Get the professional team of writers and consultants to do the job for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE. 

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Monday, 16 January 2017

Tips on How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile, follow us at

In the previous blog posts, we’ve explained why LinkedIn is important and how you can build your network on LinkedIn. Now it’s time to discuss about how you can get people to view your profiles by increasing the optimization of your LinkedIn Profile.

With so many career opportunities becoming available on LinkedIn on a daily basis, it is no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the best places to be to boost your visibility amongst potential employers. Because LinkedIn is a personalized platform, communicating in the first person tone is absolutely acceptable. And this is essential when prospective employers would like to learn more about the personality of the person whom they would like to hire.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile:

·         Get the most out of your LinkedIn Profile – To ensure that employers are looking out for profiles like yours add as much information as possible. LinkedIn also helps you measure how good or bad your profile is on the right side of your profile page. If it says “All Star”, you’ve hit the bullseye. Even 40 words (meaningful words that best describe you) in your summary can make your profile discoverable.

·         Add keywords relevant to your industry – Adding relevant keywords to your industry helps recruiters find you more easily. If you’ve hit a writers’ block and can’t seem to find your way out of it, look at top profiles for inspirations. Keywords or phrases that recur are the ones to include on your profile. Try to keep the keywords not just relevant to the industry, but also relevant to you.

·         Work on your summary section – Your summary section on LinkedIn is like an echo of your resume. The difference is in the tone that you use to communicate with prospects. Including media such as documents, videos, links, photos, etc. on your Summary Section makes it more interactive and also gives you a chance to flaunt your portfolio. Adding details such as your contact information is also helpful for those who would like to connect with you professionally beyond the digital realm.
Like what you read but don’t have the time to implement these tips? Get the professional team of writers and consultants to do the job for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE. 

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Resume Tips for Women Reentering the Workforce, follow us at

Resume Tips for Women Reentering the Workforce, follow us at
Women are known to sacrifice their careers when it comes to taking over the responsibilities of their families. But there does come a time where after a break worth several years, the woman wants to return back to the workforce and move forward with her career from where it stopped. What do you with the large gap that comes in between the previous job title and the one you’re after at present?
Here are few tips for women who wish to reenter the workforce after a long break, to incorporate in their resume:
Here are a few tips to on how to make ATS Optimized Resumes:
1. Jot down transferable skills – Note down any transferable skills that you may have acquired through your research on current industry trends. You can even pursue continuing education or attend trainings and seminars online to gain new skills that match with industry standards.
2. Use professional keywords – While you make a note of all the work skills that you have acquired through domestic experiences, make sure to include professional terminologies. Words “worked with” or “did this” are considered as weak terms that lack a punch. Rather, use words like “collaborated with” to ensure professionalism.
3. Transform your household experience to make it acknowledgeable – During the gap if all you have acquired is domestic skills, then you can most definitely transform it to make it more professional. Use headings such as “Home Management” instead of “Housewife” to ensure modernity.
Like what you read but don’t have the time to implement these tips? Get the professional team of writers and consultants to make an ATS Optimized Resume for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Tips on how to make ATS Optimized Resumes, follow us at

With millions of candidates sending their resumes to potential employers in the hopes of landing their dream job, it becomes crucial to enrich your CV with as many keywords as possible.

Why ATS Optimization, you ask? A large number of companies in the UAE use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software. Gone are the days where employers would flip through resumes filled with colorful pages or graphics to find the right choice for their company. That being said, it becomes even more important to add as many keywords as possible to beat the bot (ATS Software) and grabbing the dream job by the horns.

Here are a few tips to on how to make ATS Optimized Resumes:

1. Keep it simple – In a bid to make their CV more attractive, most candidates rely on fancy templates that categorize sections with the help of bold lines that can be spotted a mile away. This makes it difficult for the bot to scan through the document and find exactly what it is looking for. Use simple formats that are easy to read (by both humans and bots) and use fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana.

2. Use Specific Keywords – Traditionalists would use action words like “manage”, “lead”, “head”, “collaborate”, and so on to show their direct contribution to their ex-companies. While doing that is helpful, adding your designation or compound phrases like “project management” or “project coordinator” makes your CV stronger.  Another pro tip would be to use commonly used words like “Key Skills” or “Work Description” and ditch the fancy like “Professional Contour.” Most ATS Software are programmed to look for words like “skills” and the unavailability of such words can lead to a solid rejection by the software.

3. Send the right format – Most candidates think that sending PDF files is the way to go. In majority of the cases, it’s not a bad idea to do so since PDF formats can easily be opened on most devices. But if you think in terms of the software, it might be better to go down the word document route since the ATS software transforms the document into a text file and then reads the content. Make your life and the bot’s life easier by sending a word document.

Like what you read but don’t have the time to implement these tips? Get the professional team of writers and consultants to make an ATS Optimized Resume for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE. 

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tips for Writing a Thank You Letter after an Interview


It is not always important to write a Thank You Letter after an interview. But it is the best way to score yourself some good old’ brownie points.

Writing a Thank You Letter after a job interview ensures that potential employers remember you long after that first handshake and the last (hopefully not the final) goodbye. It also lets the employer know of your interest in the position and how much of an extra mile you can go to make sure that the deal is sealed.

Think about it – you always share your gratitude with your family or friends to show your appreciation for the trouble they’ve gone through to get you that gift you’ve always wanted or prepare the meal that’s your favorite. The same applies to the interviewer, albeit it’s just to thank them for sharing their valuable time and making a space for you in their busy schedule.
Here are a few tips to on how to write a thank you note:

1. Personalize your thank you note – It is always better to include links to your online portfolio, such as your blog. Although this has been mentioned before in your CV, adding this to the thank you note lets the employers know how well you have understood their requirements and how much of an asset you would be to the team.  

2. Immediacy is key – Make sure to send the thank you note within 24 hours of the interview. This shows your enthusiasm to join the prospective company and adds to your follow-up skills.

3. Read, reread, and edit – Proofreading is essential to eliminate any unnecessary typos or grammatical errors because it automatically tells the potential employers that you lack the knack for finesse or do not pay close attention to details. Take the extra 5-10 minutes and use it wisely review and edit the thank you note. 

Avail the Six Letter Pack at which consists of Speculative Letter Writing, Job Application Follow-up letter and so much more! Do not wait any further and get the professional team of writers and consultants to do the job for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE. 

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Monday, 9 January 2017

Qualities that employers are looking for in a candidate, follow us at

Every time you end an interview, you are always left wondering what exactly the employer was looking for. Most of the times, candidates are clueless about what to expect from the recruiter. There are few qualities that employers wish to see in a candidate.

1.       Intelligence
It is usually observed that intelligent employees demonstrate highest level of productivity. It is the ability to deal with day to day challenges with practical sensibility. Hence, the first thing the employer will gauge is your intelligence. He will ask you tricky questions to assess your intelligence. He would also like to hear from you. Therefore, you can exhibit your intelligence level by asking intelligent questions.

2.       Leadership Skills
Recruiters usually look for candidates with the ability to lead a team. He should be willing to take up responsibilities willingly without making any excuses. He should be a self-starter and motivate his team members.

3.       Competency
Employers are curious to know your competency level.  In simple words, the employer wants to know how well you can get the work done. It is the most important aspect while hiring a candidate.

4.       Risk taking abilities
To succeed in life, one has to take calculated risks. Every employer tries to find to what extent the candidate is willing to take risks. A recruiter will always choose a candidate who assesses the situation and accordingly takes calculated risks.

5.       Congeniality
  Candidates with charming and outgoing personalities are usually popular among peers. Since most of work is done in teams, it is very important to know that the person can get along with others without creating any rifts within the team. provides one of the best recruitment services in Dubai. To hire the best candidate as per your requirements, please feel free to talk to our consultants. Call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

How to Include Education in your Resume, follow us at

By: Kanika Mathur

If you are one amongst the million wondering how to incorporate your education in your Resume, then this blog post will definitely prove to be helpful for you.

Most resumes that you may have come across have featured education in the beginning of the resume; just before the professional experience section. Some may even have the educational qualifications listed right after the professional experience section. 

To help you choose between the two ways you could use here are two tips:

1. Add your education before the professional experien
ce if you are a fresher or do not have much hands-on knowledge in the area.

2. Add your education after the professional experience if you have several years of hands-on skills in the area that employers are looking for.

Now, what format is to be used to list your education? Read on to know more:

1.       If you have graduated from university –
2007 B.A. in Psychology
American University Dubai

2.       If you have graduated from university but your degree is not relevant to the requirements of the  employer –
2007 B.A. in Psychology
American University Dubai
Relevant Coursework: Business Communication


American University Dubai
2007 B.A. in Psychology
Relevant Coursework: Business Communication

If you have acquired your degree from a reputed university, it would be a smart idea to lead with that first.

3.       If you have not graduated from university but are still pursuing your degree –
B.A. in Psychology in Progress
American University Dubai
Anticipated to graduate in 2012

So now you have an insight on how to include your education in your resume. Want to get more tips and tricks? Watch this space for more!  Or even better, have the professional team of writers and consultants to do the job for you at, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE. 

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tools To Create Visual Resumes, follow us at

Visual resumes are a great alternative to traditional resumes. It helps a candidate to showcase his creativity and personality. It is a great tool to stand out from the clutter of resumes that a recruiter usually receives. Visual resumes can help you sell yourself online and create a unique brand identify.

Here are a few tools that can create awesome visual resumes.

1. is popular website where you can freely create dynamic and interactive visual resumes. You can even link it with your traditional resume.

2.       Prezi
Traditionally, Prezi is used to create spectacular flash presentations. But, it can be effectively used to create a visually stunning resume where you can focus on specific information.

Another web portal which is gaining popularity by the day is You enables you to present your personal accomplishments in simple yet powerful visual format.

Personal landing pages are becoming popular among the youth. is a personal landing page service which creates a detailed personal profile and help you create an online brand identity.  It helps in personal branding and can be linked to our LinkedIn page and traditional CV. provides excellent CV writing services in Dubai that includes traditional as well as visually stunning resumes. If you wish to create attractive resumes, contact us right away. 

To know more about our services call us on 043554850 or leave an inquiry on

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