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Critical Elements of a Resume of immigration, follow us at

A resume is an outline of your work experience, qualifications, skills and achievements. It is your career statement that introduces yourself to the employer. It is a supporting document of your CV that is requested from candidates when they are applying for a job. It is concise in form and informative in manner. While you are writing your resume, you need to make it chronological, functional and targeted. It should address the needs and the requirements of the company that you want to be part of. In order for your resume to create an impact, you need to incorporate important critical elements which are listed below.  These essential features will organize your thinking process, highlight your key areas of strength and make you stand out from the crowd.

1.      Eye-catching Summary
Form an engaging summary which sum up your professional experiences and qualifications in the introductory portion. The key purpose of this section is to showcase what you can accomplish for the establishment. It highlights your soft skills and makes your resume look more approachable.

2.      Confirmation of Skills
It is always important to mention your core competencies or areas of expertise that you have gathered from your position. In this section, your skills are highlighted, knowledge is accentuated and experience is emphasized. Depending on your job, the title for this section will be correctly generated.

3.       Significant Experience
Keep precise description of your duties and accomplishments in this section. You need to incorporate the results, effects and contributions that you have earned from your previous experience which includes position, company name, and total year of job experience.

4.      Learning Highlights
Here you have to list all your academic information, achievements, certifications, training sessions and seminars.

5.      Additional Essentials
The parts that were not included in other sections can be taken into account in this part. If you have received awards, recognitions and accolades, then a separate section can be created which will highlight your accomplishments. If you have created a product or introduced a new service then an additional component in the Resume can be created which will emphasize your activities.

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Saturday, 19 January 2019

CV writing tips for freshers? follow us at

Creating a resume or CV for freshers can be a daunting task. It is an important tool for a fresh college graduate to sell themselves to the recruiter. Resume for freshers can be tricky. A good resume should be drafted in a professional manner to attract the attention of employers.

  1. Here are few tips which can help you create a good resume.
  2. Keep the resume restricted to maximum two pages only
  3. Draft a catchy header which should grab the employer’s attention
  4. Write an objective which is should be realistic and precise
  5. Highlight all your academic credentials and achievements
  6. Mention relevant internship and part time job experience
  7. Highlight all relevant skills
  8. Extra-curricular activities and voluntary social engagements hold a special place in a fresher’s resume
  9. Use bullet points wherever possible
  10. Format your CV as per regional requirements
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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

How can you land you dream job through LinkedIn? follow us at

LinkedIn has come a long way since it was launched in 2003 by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant. Ever since its launch, it has gained wide popularity among the business community. Almost every corporate house, SMEs, freelancers are LinkedIn users and widen their business network via LinkedIn. It is no longer just used to network and post updates about your professional activities. In the last few years, LinkedIn has tremendously promoted recruitment by allowing recruiters to post jobs on the portal and also source candidates. So how can you find your dream job on the LinkedIn?

  •         Firstly, you need to create an engaging updated LinkedIn profile with a professional photograph.
  •      Make sure all areas are updated.
  •         Follow the companies where you are interested in working.
  •         Add few local recruiters in your network who work for your domains.
  •         Apply for relevant jobs whenever they are posted with an excellent cover letter.
  •         A good cover letter helps you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Benefits of an Info-graphic resume, follow us at
Our brain always attracted more towards colourful graphics rather than just text. Data presented in the form of well-designed meaningful images and graphics attracts viewers more and helps to retain their attention rather than simple textual form. That’s why brilliantly conceptualized & designed resume leaves a mark. That’s why infographic resume are the latest trend.

Benefits of an Info-graphic resume

Makes it more attractive
Rather than a traditional text-based resume the infographic one adds a different aesthetics. Using vibrant colors, informative layouts & with cool infographic elements it not just remains a resume, it becomes informational portrait.

Info-graphic resume demonstrates you “get” multimedia
If your resume is an info-graphic, it’s clear you already understand how to use the latest media tools to their fullest advantage. You stay on top of current trends and will bring that knowledge with you to the organization.

Info-graphic resume shows you’re more than just a writer

Creating your own decent infographic resume also means your knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is pretty darn good.

Infographic resume illustrates your creativity
Infographics are currently one of the most prevalent ways news organizations display information and occupy readers. They look good online and on mobile sites, grab a lot of eyeballs, and simply put, are fun. By using one as a resume, you are demonstrating your ability to think outside of the box and be creative. The one you send out to employers should be the best to depict you and your work in the most interesting and compelling way.

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