Friday, 30 December 2016

Professional certifications improve career to make better decisions, follow us at

According to professional career assistance UAE companies, professional certifications are extremely important for creating a meaningful career road map. On the other hand, it has been observed in general that people equipped with strong professional certification can take better risk for expanding their career horizon.

How Professional certifications matters
At writing service domain different inquiries are received where people ask for professional backup of resume distribution service. As a trend of job market it is generally observed that people with valid professional certifications about their skill set enjoy wider prospects to prove their mettle.

How skill set certification helps in making better decisions
Professional certifications stands guarantee for the authenticity of the skill set claim by the candidate. Recruiters can consider it a no-risk decision in hiring a trained workforce who has validation of certification because these certificates can be cross checked.

Skill set certification is a passive way to boost confidence of a worker that helps him to continue his job hunt productively. It gets easier for certified professionals to face a job interview because his certificates can validate his expertise.

A well written resume can amicably highlight the work experience of a skilled worker along with the list of professional certification he has acquired so far.  Headhunters can help a professional/job seeker for planning his successful career plan after checking the validation of all professional certification he holds.

Contact CV writing service for you one-stop resume writing support as well as career planning service. Call at 971-55-9564-344 & mail at

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Types of interview follow us at

Before getting into the race of finding a job, you need to first understand the different types of interviews that are conducted around the world. Getting prepared with each type will help you perform well in changing environments.

1     One on one traditional interview
This is the most basic and traditional form of interview where you are being puzzled by a solo interviewer.

2       Telephonic interview
A telephonic interview usually conducted to screen whether you are worth calling for a round of face to face interview. You need to be honest, courteous as well as polite while answering. 

3       Interview via skype
Off late, many companies are conducting interviews via Skype especially if the candidate and interviewer are located in different states or countries. It takes the telephonic interview to the next level. You need to dress just like you dress for a face to face interview.   

      Panel interview
The interview is conducted with a panel of interviewers with one chairperson heading the panel. This kind of interview can be quite intimidating. Such interviews are more popular in the public sector.

      Group interview
A group of candidates are clubbed together with a moderator leading a discussion on a particular topic. Every candidate is expected to express an opinion and debate confidently. Some group interviews also involve completing certain tasks in groups which helps them gauge the candidate’s leadership as well as team skills.

       Interview over lunch/dinner
Interviews over lunch or dinner is mostly conducted for senior positions. In such kind of interviews, the employer is looking to assess your communication and interpersonal skills. The employers wants to know in-depth about you.  

7       Apprentice interview
Few companies only hire candidates after witnessing their actual performance. You will be asked to execute a task successfully and your performance will be assessed during the course of the task.

8       Career Fair interview
Career fairs have become a fad in the HR industry. It is one of the best platform for freshers to get hired. Impromptu interviews are conducted at several booths and you have around 10 to 15 minutes to convince the employers why you are the best. is one of the fastest CV Writing and interview training Service provider in the UAE offering reliable distribution services. To know more, email us at or call us on toll free number 800RESUME or +97143554850 / +971 569173311

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Gaps in your employment history can be a hindrance in getting your dream job follow us at

An employer can misinterpret these gaps if relevant explanation is not provided in the CV. Hence it is very important to design your CV in such a way that these gaps don’t affect your prospects of getting a job.

       1.       Taking a hiatus to pursue further education. If you have taken a break from work to pursue higher education, you need to mention how this qualification and knowledge has helped you progress in your career.

2.       If you were terminated from the job
Nonperformance is not the only reason why you might get terminated. Recession directly affects businesses which causes downsizing of the organization. This leads to termination of certain employees to cut costs. If you were shown the pink slip for this reason, it is necessary to mention the circumstances under which decision was taken.

3.       If you were on a voluntary break
There are several reasons for taking a time out. Personal reasons like marriage, pregnancy, accident or health induce you to take a voluntary break. It is important to mention such reasons if the break is a really long one.

4.       Skills acquired during the gap
Employers are constantly looking for candidates who have nurtured additional skills over a period of time. If you have acquired any particular skill while on the break, make sure it is included in the CV. provides one of the best CV writing services in Dubai and Sharjah. If you want to create a compelling and engaging CV, please get in touch with us right away. provides one of the best CV writing and LinkedIn Profile Writing in Dubai-UAE. If you would like to know more about our CV Writing services, kindly visit right away. To know more, email us at or call us on toll free number 800RESUME or +97143554850 / +971 569173311

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Build your Conenctions on LinkedIn, follow us at htttp://

Consider this – you have already built a stellar LinkedIn Profile (or you may have chosen, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE for providing you with resourceful content for your LinkedIn.) Now, you may be wondering how you can further build your connections and once you have accomplished that step too, what do you do next?

Work towards connecting with your connections of course! This can be pretty awkward since you actually have to speak to strangers and if you are an introvert, the task may seem as difficult as climbing the peaks of Mount Everest. Fear not! Here are two tips on how to start a conversation with potential clients or employers!

1. Acknowledge the success of your connection. Whether it is a new job or new skill that your connection may have acquired, LinkedIn provides you updates on the same and gives you the opportunity to congratulate them. Also, you could even comment on the posts that your connections share so that they are aware of your existence.

2. What brings two people together? The common likes, dislikes, experiences. Sharing your experiences on something that you may have done together or if you are mutual friends/acquaintances with another individual is a great way to break the ice.

These two tips are a perfect way to begin your journey of connecting with your audiences. But don’t forget to build an effective LinkedIn Profile, for which the professional writers at situated in Dubai, UAE, are always available to help you with.

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Monday, 26 December 2016

Tips for Cover Letter Writing, follow us at

As Iain Duncan Smith once said – don’t underestimate the determination of a quiet man. In the complex realm of job applications, replace ‘determination’ with ‘power’ and ‘quiet man’ with ‘cover letter’, and you’ve got the perfect formula for securing the next job application.

Most job seekers put in all their efforts to perfect their CV so that it attracts potential employers. But in a bid to make expansive CV’s most candidates forget to pay attention to their cover letter, which is acts as a summary of all the qualifications that can be advantageous for companies.

For all you job seekers who are in desperate need for tips and tricks, keep reading below to learn more about how you can enhance your Cover Letter:
·         Customize your Cover Letter according to the company you are applying to: If you are among the thousands of people who resend the same cover letter with all your job applications, then stop and think again. Make it a point to rewrite the content as per the job description to suit the employer’s requirement.

·         Keep it short: Most individuals try to squeeze in irrelevant content, making the content nothing but chunky. It is important to ensure that the content covers the basics and is optimized with necessary keywords. That way, even if the employers skim through your half page cover letter (which is the norm) they know what it is you can do for their company.

·         Eliminate grammatical errors – Read, review, edit and rewrite! That’s the way to go with your Cover Letter. Make sure that there are no spelling errors as it could be a major turnoff.
If you are wondering where to start with incorporating these tips, look no further than, the premium Cover Letter Writing Service providers in the UAE!

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Want to get NOTICED??? Get CV Distribution Service, follow us at

Recruitment process in the UAE is quite different from other countries. Employers look for candidates that are talented and ready to join the join with the minimal training. However, given the large number of unemployed people in the UAE searching for jobs makes it difficult for employers to reach out to their target employees. This is when CV distribution can help you out.

How can CV Distribution help you get noticed?

  • By availing CV distribution, your chances of getting noticed by potential employers increases exponentially. You can achieve this by just posting your CV online. 
  • If your resume does not reach the employer, you cannot expect an interview call. Get short listed by employers and avail the chance to land an interview with CV distribution. 
  • Stand out from other through CV distribution. Be the first to reach the eyes of potential employers and make your mark. 
  • Gain direct interaction with the employer through CV distribution. You don’t have to post on multiple job portals and wait for endless hours for a reply. 
  • Get responses direct to your inbox with CV distribution service. 

RESUME.AE is one of the fastest CV distribution service provider in the UAE offering reliable distribution services. To know more, email us at or call us on 043554850.

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Job seeking can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if you are new to a particular country. The first step that needs to be taken is to build your connections, or rather your networks. Applying to countless positions and not hearing back from potential employers can be demotivating. But there is no hope to be lost if you have a strong connection base to fall upon.

Most positions are occupied through referrals. This is where having a network comes in handy because if you are one of those individuals who comes first to the top of the mind for a specific position, then there is nothing like it.

Here are a few tips to build an effective network for employment:
·         Attend seminars and conferences. This is where you’ll be able to find like-minded individuals and connect with them to rise through the corporate ladder. Be prepared with your essentials such as a business card and collect the same from other individuals as it may come in handy when you’re looking for contacts to send your resume to.

·         Build your own list of potential networks. This could include your family, friends, and acquaintances. We network with them on a regular basis and should a golden opportunity pop up around the corner, you’ll most likely be the first to know.

·         Use the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great place to interact with individuals and tap into networks that can be resourceful. LinkedIn has also become an effective platform for both employers and job seekers alike because it is so much easier to update and contains information in one place. At, get the help of our professional consultants to build stunning, SEO optimized LinkedIn Profiles!
     To know more about our services, please call on 056-9173311, or leave an inquiry on 

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What is a – gives you the basics, follow us at

A global resume is basically a resume that has international standards, and is accepted in majority of the countries across the globe. Here are few hints on what you need to know and do when developing a global resume.
1. When you begin composing your global resume, you will choose if moving abroad is truly something that you need to do. This is a colossal step and might be very threatening.
2. Verify that you do enough exploration about the country you are considering to more to before you begin composing your global resume. This should be completed before you begin sending around your global resume.
3. Preparing a global resume does not imply that you can't put out a few sensors to see what organizations might be interested in procuring somebody from an alternate nation.
4.  You can send a letter of investment to the same number organizations as you might like and after that hold up to see that reacts. Anyhow sending your universal resume shows a pledge level that you have to have the capacity to meet.
To know more about the global CV writing service, contact at . The Best CV Writing Services in Dubai!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Resume writing : Using the right words, follow us at http;//

Resume is the first impression of a candidate in an interview process for a dream job. HR personnel go through lots of resumes every day in search of a ‘perfect candidate.’ Since there are so many of them, it’s very difficult to stand out and make it to the HR manager’s table.

Resume writers at services in Dubai have found that the details of the job profiles of candidates are varied. And tapping into those variations helps to creating a fine-tuned CV.

Great care needs to be taken while crafting such resumes. Chances are the resumes become too wordy in the quest for trying to explain everything in great detail. That’s why selectively picked words are the most effective way to send the message across clearly and smartly. writers listen to every detail of a candidate’s profile and work on them accordingly giving them a personal touch that is unique and accurate.

To know more about our services call us on 0569173311 or leave an inquiry on

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

How to write a impressive resume, follow us at

The point when writing a resume utilizes a professional resume format. The two most accepted resume formats today are chronological and functional. Personally, I favor chronological. From the interviewer stand point I find it much easier to read and take after.

Here are the salient points to remember when writing your resume:

  •  A resume is a sales pitch: you are the item and the worker reading it is the target.
  • Your objective when you compose a resume is to secure an interview - nothing else! It is a sales tool that you can use to your advantage, and provide for them you a head start over your competitors.
  • Sell yourself in writing, get the interview, and then offer yourself in individual. Learn what you can about the company and offer yourself as filling the exact position being advertised.
  • Stress how you can fill the job. Push any past experience IN THAT POSITION.
  • Highlight your qualities when writing your resume and include numbers and figures. Include cash profits you carried your last company.
  • If you lost your last job, rather than leaving voluntarily, leave it for the interview. That's an alternate ability. Assuming that you must notice it, state something such that you were a casualty of your own expense cutting recommendations that the company took up too vivaciously.
  • Action words are always exceptional -, for example, managed, improved, gained and exhibited. Don't utilize weasel words, for example, best, generally, fabulous. Don't bum yourself up. Be accurate and informative when writing. You're selling yourself, not an insurance strategy.
  • Use visual cues, for example, I am doing here, to the degree that the article directory allows. Utilize your strongest points, which are relevant for the job being offered, at the beginning. The point when writing a resume, you may as well always show information about your achievements in a positive manner. Don't state that "I was answerable for 10 other salesmen." Write "I was answerable for a sales department that secured $500,000 sales consistently." Put yourself in the place of the reader and think about what might stand out to you. To get the best resume service call famous for UAE CV writing.

Unless you are asked for to do so don't include information irrelevant to the position, for example, your age, religion, pastimes or interests. Stick to relevant occupation history. In the event that you don't think you have a considerable measure of that, then perhaps you might as well find a job that is more relevant to your experience. A boss is not interested on your opinion on your abilities. Demonstrated ability and experience are what are needed. To have a nice and good resume, call, it is famous for CV writing services in  Dubai.

To get help in writing professional CV writing in Dubai, call on 0569173311 or leave your inquiry at