Tuesday, 30 January 2018

CV writing tips for freshers? follow us at http://resume.ae

Creating a resume or CV for freshers can be a daunting task. It is an important tool for a fresh college graduate to sell themselves to the recruiter. Resume for freshers can be tricky. A good resume should be drafted in a professional manner to attract the attention of employers.

  1. Here are few tips which can help you create a good resume.
  2. Keep the resume restricted to maximum two pages only
  3. Draft a catchy header which should grab the employer’s attention
  4. Write an objective which is should be realistic and precise
  5. Highlight all your academic credentials and achievements
  6. Mention relevant internship and part time job experience
  7. Highlight all relevant skills
  8. Extra-curricular activities and voluntary social engagements hold a special place in a fresher’s resume
  9. Use bullet points wherever possible
  10. Format your CV as per regional requirements
  11. Back up your CV with a compelling cover letter

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Sunday, 28 January 2018

How to be Active on Your LinkedIn Profile, follow us at http://resume.ae

 LinkedIn is an effective way to increase your online presence. If handled correctly, your LinkedIn Profile is a jackpot tool to boost your online visibility. Known as a hub for career opportunities, LinkedIn can be used for other purposes as well.

For example, if you are an avid blogger who uses his/her blog to generate revenue, you can use LinkedIn to build traffic for your website. All you need is to be active on LinkedIn and you’re on your way to success. Here are a few tips on how to be active on your LinkedIn Profile.

·         Update your status on a regular basis – What this is going to do, is ensure that your name appears on the news feed of other people scrolling through their LinkedIn account. This increases the chances of those people clicking on your profile to view more and the more views you get, you build trust with your audience which makes them more likely to view your blog. Ultimately, this can lead to business opportunities.

·    Do not spam your connections – Not every post you put up will be read. And not everyone would like seeing your name constantly on their feed. Make an assessment of the time and frequency you should be posting the status updates and work accordingly. 

·     Link your blog articles to your LinkedIn Profile – Develop relationships with your connections by asking your LinkedIn contacts to view your professional blog.  

·   Link your LinkedIn Profile with articles from other blogs/websites– You don’t necessarily have to generate content for your LinkedIn Profile yourself. If you find that you do not have sufficient time to create your own articles, then source your articles from related website and be sure to attribute/credit them. This way, you ensure that you attract the attention of audiences that view popular LinkedIn Profiles.

Like what you see but don’t have the time to implement it? Then call 043554850 our LinkedIn Profile experts at Resume.ae to build you a stellar LinkedIn Profile and watch this space for more tips! 

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Friday, 26 January 2018

How to build your executive resumes, follow us at http://resume.ae

Years of toiling in the industry add greatly to your career experience. To employers looking to hire executives for their organizations, expansive years of experience indicate towards a seasoned professional who has toughened through the hardships and taken their company to great heights. But this may not be the case if your Resume doesn’t reflect your achievements and roles correctly.

When you are targeting senior positions such as CFO or Marketing Executive, simply stating it is not enough. These positions are dynamic, meaning the roles and responsibilities of this designation will differ from industry to industry. Get as specific as you can regarding the company of your choice.

Identifying the person you would be reporting to will also help in drafting your Resume that would appeal to him or her. Knowing the size of your target organization will assist you in jotting down the highlights of your career in a quantifiable format. Listing your key accomplishments such as revenue boosting, implementing policies to minimize costs or even the management of turnkey projects showcases your ability to deliver tasks with efficiency.

Keep in mind that when you try to apply for one or more organizations within a diverse industry, do not try to attract attention with just one resume. Your attempt to fit in too much information may not work in your favour. Rather, write information separately for each target audience.

Like what you see but find it difficult to implement the tips? Call on 043554850 to our Certified Resume Writing Professionals at Resume.ae to help you build an Executive Resume.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Personal Bio helps to create your Personal Brand... follow us at http://resume.ae

Personal Branding is the art of individuals marketing their skills and profession as a brand. It reflects upon the thoughts that others have about you and how they know you. Personal Branding involves creating your image as an expert, the ways in which you can assist in organizational growth and reasons for why they should work with.

Here are a few ways to create your very own personal brand:

Recognize your personal brand – With everything available on the internet your fingertips, you can begin by performing assessments regarding your personal brand. Make a list of all those qualities that best define you and what you think is one of your significant characteristics.

Find what you love, and what you love about it – Understanding what draws you to the things you love helps you focus better on which of your qualities can be used to follow your passion. This is important for the definition of your personal branding and future growth plans.

Be yourself – When communicating with people, be yourself and speak about what gets you excited and the reasons behind doing what you love.

Share your thoughts – Regardless of what people say or do, share your thoughts with your audience. Feel free to communicate tips and tricks that have worked for you in the past to create value added content for your readers. Always remember that brands are all about adding value and for you to become a well-established brand in yourself, you need to give back to the people what they are looking for.

Establishing your personal brand is not akin to climbing to Mount Everest. But if you like the tips mentioned above and are unable to find time from your schedule to implement them, then call our Branding Experts at Resume.ae to help you develop your customized personal branding strategy. To know more about our services call us at 043554850 or leave an inquiry at info@resume.ae

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Friday, 19 January 2018

How to write a Cover Letter

Cover Letters are an important document attached to a CV or a mail sent to an employer. Writing a good cover letter boosts chances to get a job. It can be a complete synopsis of your career all assembled in one. Writing a cover letter needs no extraordinary skill but experts like resume.ae can help you write the best cover letters.

However, if you plan to write this yourself here are a few healthy tips –

1. Not more than one page long
A cover letter like we said earlier must be ideally a page long and not more than that. It is just and introduction or a synopsis of your career and about yourself. A very long cover letter will be skipped and overseen. You cannot afford this with an important job application. Keep it short. 

2. Letter should start by saying where you heard about the job
They are interested in knowing how you know about the job. How did you find it and why are you applying there. Your research and your inquisitiveness in knowing about the job is crucial.

3. Be professional, yet warm and friendly
Treating your Cover Letter with professionalism matters the most but at the same time it must have a warm and friendly approach. It should reveal the other side of that is willing to take up tasks.

4. Use positive words and phrases
Using strong positive words and catchy phrases will help you make the Cover Letter a lot more attractive. Make the best use of these catchy lines to garner the interest of the reader

5. Make the letter interesting to read
 Over all the letter must be interesting to read. With loads of approachable attitude and positive words the letter will surely be interesting to read for your readers.

 Resume.ae is on the professional CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile content writing service providers in Dubai, UAE. To know more about our services call us at 043554850 or leave an inquiry at info@resume.ae

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Spread your Connections on LinkedIn, follow us at htttp://resume.ae

Consider this – you have already built a stellar LinkedIn Profile (or you may have chosen Resume.ae, one of the leading resume writing service providers in the UAE for providing you with resourceful content for your LinkedIn.) Now, you may be wondering how you can further build your connections and once you have accomplished that step too, what do you do next?

Work towards connecting with your connections of course! This can be pretty awkward since you actually have to speak to strangers and if you are an introvert, the task may seem as difficult as climbing the peaks of Mount Everest. Fear not! Here are two tips on how to start a conversation with potential clients or employers!

1. Acknowledge the success of your connection. Whether it is a new job or new skill that your connection may have acquired, LinkedIn provides you updates on the same and gives you the opportunity to congratulate them. Also, you could even comment on the posts that your connections share so that they are aware of your existence.

2. What brings two people together? The common likes, dislikes, experiences. Sharing your experiences on something that you may have done together or if you are mutual friends/acquaintances with another individual is a great way to break the ice.

These two tips are a perfect way to begin your journey of connecting with your audiences. But don’t forget to build an effective LinkedIn Profile, for which the professional writers at Resume.ae situated in Dubai, UAE, are always available to help you with.

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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Myths busted regarding CV Writing, follow us at http://resume.ae

Drafting a professional CV is the toughest job. In Dubai, UAE or any other country people have limited or no information about the CV writing. Here is a short article regarding the myths that people blindly believe in.
Some Myths:

1.      I will get best job with a stunning CV
It is a fact that a better CV will get you enrolled for an interview but that will be the first stage. Once you are in the interview, you have to sell yourself better that you CV to stand out from the other employers.

2.      Hard copy is sufficient
Since ages people think that carrying a hard copy of CV for an interview is enough but the time has changed. Recruiters and employers prefer hiring employee for their company through social media platform. One of the famous and trendy social media platform is LinkedIn through which job seekers are getting good placement. 

3.      Generic Resume
Lot of people assume that they will get job if they have a generic resume. But a generic cv reduces the chances of the cv to be shortlisted for the specific positions. One should update the cv regularly.

4.      Resume should cover your complete job history
If a person has more than 20 or 30 years of work experience in different organization so he/she does not require to showcase the entire work history in your CV. Most of the employers are interested in the current profile only so in such cases past experience should not be elaborate in detail.

5.      Exaggerate your responsibilities
CV is the representation of what you are and what you are capable of. Employers appreciate and except you to state your experience truthfully. One should be clear on the roles and responsibilities about the current role to avoid embarrassing situations during interviews.

For more information on CV / Resume Writing in Dubai, UAE or GCC please visit our website www.resume.ae. We will be happy to help you in providing guidance and solve your issues and answer to your questions and queries. To know about our expert writers and Thesis writing service in UAE, please feel free to contact us at: Phone: 04-3554850, Mobile: 0569173311

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Benefits of an Info-graphic resume, follow us at http://resume.ae

Our brain always attracted more towards colourful graphics rather than just text. Data presented in the form of well-designed meaningful images and graphics attracts viewers more and helps to retain their attention rather than simple textual form. That’s why brilliantly conceptualized & designed resume leaves a mark. That’s why infographic resume are the latest trend.

Benefits of an Info-graphic resume

Makes it more attractive
Rather than a traditional text-based resume the infographic one adds a different aesthetics. Using vibrant colors, informative layouts & with cool infographic elements it not just remains a resume, it becomes informational portrait.

Info-graphic resume demonstrates you “get” multimedia
If your resume is an info-graphic, it’s clear you already understand how to use the latest media tools to their fullest advantage. You stay on top of current trends and will bring that knowledge with you to the organization.

Info-graphic resume shows you’re more than just a writer

Creating your own decent infographic resume also means your knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is pretty darn good.

Infographic resume illustrates your creativity
Infographics are currently one of the most prevalent ways news organizations display information and occupy readers. They look good online and on mobile sites, grab a lot of eyeballs, and simply put, are fun. By using one as a resume, you are demonstrating your ability to think outside of the box and be creative. The one you send out to employers should be the best to depict you and your work in the most interesting and compelling way.

To know more about our Resume Writing Service, please visit Resume.ae! You can call us on 043554850, 0569173311 or leave an enquiry on info@resume.ae

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

HOW TO GROW YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE, follow us at http://resume.ae

nline Networking is extremely popular in the present time and practically every individual/business is falling back on utilizing the free/in significantly charged stage for spreading mindfulness about the work that they do. Here are a couple of tips to assemble your online networking nearness.

Repost and Share: Repost articles, online journals, quotes, pictures or applicable sight and sound from the web-based social networking pages of those you take after and share it with your devotees. This is an incredible approach to clergyman drawing in content.

Post as often as possible: Posting content on a reliable recurrence can guarantee that your mutual substance is seen by your supporters/systems. You will likewise need to do a touch of research on what time would be best to get the greatest perceptibility for the posts.

Make great utilization of hashtags: Making utilization of inclining hashtags will help expand the quantity of individuals that you draw into your profile. Hashtags additionally fill in as catch phrases that help with finding your substance, while speaking with individuals.

Stay up with the latest: guarantee that your profiles are refreshed at the same time with an occupation change or an assignment overhaul in your present association. Doing as such would prove to be useful if individuals search for references or enrollment specialists are searching for somebody with your capabilities.

One of best stages that you can use at the present time would be LinkedIn. In the event that you don't have a LinkedIn Profile yet, consider having one. Call our specialists at 043554850, Resume.ae to enable you to manufacture a SEO Optimized LinkedIn Profile.

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Critical Elements of a Resume

A resume is an outline of your work experience, qualifications, skills and achievements. It is your career statement that introduces yourself to the employer. It is a supporting document of your CV that is requested from candidates when they are applying for a job. It is concise in form and informative in manner. While you are writing your resume, you need to make it chronological, functional and targeted. It should address the needs and the requirements of the company that you want to be part of. In order for your resume to create an impact, you need to incorporate important critical elements which are listed below.  These essential features will organize your thinking process, highlight your key areas of strength and make you stand out from the crowd.

1.      Eye-catching Summary
Form an engaging summary which sum up your professional experiences and qualifications in the introductory portion. The key purpose of this section is to showcase what you can accomplish for the establishment. It highlights your soft skills and makes your resume look more approachable.

2.      Confirmation of Skills
It is always important to mention your core competencies or areas of expertise that you have gathered from your position. In this section, your skills are highlighted, knowledge is accentuated and experience is emphasized. Depending on your job, the title for this section will be correctly generated.

3.       Significant Experience
Keep precise description of your duties and accomplishments in this section. You need to incorporate the results, effects and contributions that you have earned from your previous experience which includes position, company name, and total year of job experience.

4.      Learning Highlights
Here you have to list all your academic information, achievements, certifications, training sessions and seminars.

5.      Additional Essentials
The parts that were not included in other sections can be taken into account in this part. If you have received awards, recognitions and accolades, then a separate section can be created which will highlight your accomplishments. If you have created a product or introduced a new service then an additional component in the Resume can be created which will emphasize your activities.

To create an effective resume, contact Resume.ae who will customize the content as per your requirements. Resume.ae assures unique, original, authentic and plagiarism-free resume for you. Our expert resume writers will ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd! Why to worry?? Please contact Resume.ae.

To know more about our Resume Writing Service, please visit Resume.ae! You can call us on 043554850, 0569173311 or leave an enquiry on info@resume.ae

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