Monday, 30 November 2015

What information should a CV include?

A CV is an important tool for job searchers, but it has to be written with proper planning and expertise. A CV should be to the point and should cover all professional details of a Jobseeker, which should be relevant and suitable for the job applied by using the CV. Need a quick look here what information should be included in a professional CV.

Personal details and remarks
A CV is a personal profile. Thus a candidate has to admit in detail of his personal details. Personal details include name, latest postal address, electronic mail address, contact number, Skype address, if any, and date of birth, and so on

Educational qualification
A job seeker needs to include all his educational qualification details in order to prove his eligibility of a professional job. This educational qualification list includes his school level education, college level education and the details of post-graduation as well as a professional qualification, if any. Detail of passing years and grades obtained should be included also.

On the job experience
Work experience is one of the most integral parts of a professional CV that decides the eligibility of a candidate. Hence a total work experience needs to be included in a CV.

Relevant skills and experience
Professional field related skills are seen as extra talent of a nominee. For instance, if a professional is expert in content writing, additional control over multiple languages will be regarded as a potential relevant skill for the said professional.

It may get difficult for a common person to decide the details to be included in a professional CV. In these situations the expert help of a professional resume writing company like will be a great solution.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

5 factors that a recruiter will hate in your CV

Everybody desires to give a catchy resume in front of the potential recruiters and there are thousands of resources available online to establish a powerful resume. Nevertheless, a few points are observed here that will get your CV clean and recruiters will not detest it at least.

Get the resume grammatically correct
One of the prime requirements in a resume that a recruiter wants to ensure is correct information shown in an accurate manner. No grammatically mistake, spelling mistake, and typographical errors are strictly prohibited. Before submitting the final print of your resume, check twice if the CV is grammatically correct from all these prospects.

Lack of work details
No matter how impressive are your bio data or your educational qualifications, etc., the first and foremost point a recruiter views is the work experience on your CV that makes you a potential candidate. Lack of work details makes the CV most unimpressive.

Superfluous profile
Recruiters love to see the track of performance. Lack of mentioning the achievement in a CV makes it rather confusing and unproductive.

Lack of relevance
If a CV lacks relevance of information, the profile lacks coherence. A recruiter may not like a CV that is not coherent.

Generic cover letter is never chosen
Recruiters, in general, hate a generic cover letter. It reflects the effortless approach of the candidate to the job he has applied for.

These are 5 most typical errors that recruiters hate to watch on a CV. In case if you require to build your professional resume error-free, you must reach a professional resume writer company like Resume. ae.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mind the gap: missing work history may damage your job prospect

A powerful resume highlights the job potential of the candidates.  Similarly, a negative resume may become a great hindrance to getting a good job. While composing your CV you must find out if you have not kept any gap in your resume that can prove damaging to some extent in the course of your professional success or in finding a lucrative line of work.

Never mention any dismissal
Dismissals are part of life and sometimes it happens in job related areas also.  But A professional CV should not accept the record of this professional mishap.  The record of these mishaps may create a negative impression for the recruiters and that can negatively impact your job prospect.

Do not mention about health matters
Recruiters hate, in general, the employees’ chronic medical problems. So, unless you deliver something really critical recurring medical issues, you should not mention these elements in your CV. Recruiters will get apprehensive about your medical fitness and that's largely may affect your business prospect.

Lack of experience
Experience often becomes a deciding factor for getting a job. Lack of experience for applying a job at least in the middle of career may not be counted as a positive factor for the recruiters. In case you need to change your profession and you need to tweak your experience in favour of the new job applied, you should take help from an expert resume writer company Resume. ae.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Make it impressive: use psychology to support your job applications

Job search is a highly result oriented job. In accordance to present job market, smarter the job search approach is, you can expect better result. According to modern recruiters, fusing psychology in job applications can generate more beneficial result for sure.

Go over the job responsibility and tally your experience
If a job seeker applies for a sales job, he should understand that he needs to have the excellent solicitation skill and interaction skill to excel in his job profile.
An individual with good communication skill and ability to convince people can be a big advantage for generating a sales business. According you need to update your CV so that recruiters can get a glimpse of your this facility.

Networking can assist
Networking has tremendous dynamics. It is a psychology to use human recommendation as well. If potential recruiters get reference from a potential source, it helps them in considering a CV with better focus on it. If you are a new candidate, networking, wrt, human recommendation can add additional mileage in your job prospect.

Honing the pitch
You need to have a clear idea of the industry you are interested to work with. You may not have extensive experience working here, but knowing the industry will help you in developing a clear idea about the market and extracting success out of the market.

Fusing Psychology in CV can be an intricate job because you have to it with better art and eloquence. Hiring professional service of a resume writing company like can help all job seekers in crafting a quality resume that can 100% enhance job prospect of a job seeker.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

CV advice for graduates: how graduates can make most mileage of their degree

Being a graduate is no doubt an achievement, but highlighting the advantage of this degree is a tricky job.  However, having a degree will surely not make your CV outstanding always. If you lack specific professional experience, you need to spell out the significance of your qualification to an employer. Learn how to do this magic:

You need to the tricks of closing the gap
You need to highlight how your education can contribute in enhancing your job prospect. You need to explain to your prospective employer that your degree has helped you in learning the significance of doing the job. At least you have realistic confidence.

You need to highlight your skillset
Besides doing graduation you must have developed some skillset. You need to understand that these skillsets can be potential points in your resume. You have to identify these skillsets and add it is an way which can substantiate experience to some extent. The confident approach will surely be liked by the recruiters.

Link your educational qualifications with the job
You need to use of degree as a gateway for getting a job. For example, if you are an English major, a writing job can be your most preferred niche because your English language skill will help you to excel in the job.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Be choosy: what you should not include in CV and job applications

A CV is the first impression of an applicant a recruiter views, therefore a CV should not contain any points that can hamper a candidates profile or job prospect. Take a quick look here for learning the points which can make your CV non-productive.

Never reflect your ignorance about the job you have applied
Recruiters love to select an employee who is interested and eligible to get the job which he/she is offering. Therefore it is important that your CV should not include anything that may hint your ignorance about the job you have applied.

Lack of confidence
If anywhere in your CV lack of confidence is hinted, it may not work as a potential trait of your credential. Lack of confidence is a great hindrance that may affect your career prospect.

Academic failure
Academic failure is considered as demerit for a candidate. If any academic failure is there in your career, it is better to safety omit.

These are some of the points you should not include in your CV; however, there are many more points which need to be excluded. In case you want to make a professional CV with global standard contact us at 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Resume Tips which help you to get Job Interview Call

Your resume is truly your 'initial introduction' and much the same as any genuine, one-on-one meeting, its paramount that your resume passes on the right 'picture'. For example, an official resume is best introduced with a presentation document plotting the highlights of your vocation. provides you Resume development services in Dubai, delivered exactly what you wish for!

For the succeeding pages, its best to record your work encounter in converse sequential request (i.e., latest first). For mid-level positions, a presentation document is not by any stretch of the imagination needed. For new graduates, its best to begin your resume with your instructive accomplishment and any identified 'at work' preparing or classes regardless of the possibility that you are as of now utilized. To have a decent and exceptional resume, call, it is celebrated around the world for CV writing Dubai.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

How to fill gaps in your work history?

Gaps in your employment history can be a hindrance in getting your dream job. An employer can misinterpret these gaps if relevant explanation is not provided in the CV. Hence it is very important to design your CV in such a way that these gaps don’t affect your prospects of getting a job.

1.       Taking a hiatus to pursue further education
If you have taken a break from work to pursue higher education, you need to mention how this qualification and knowledge has helped you progress in your career.

2.       If you were terminated from the job
Nonperformance is not the only reason why you might get terminated. Recession directly affects businesses which causes downsizing of the organization. This leads to termination of certain employees to cut costs. If you were shown the pink slip for this reason, it is necessary to mention the circumstances under which decision was taken.

3.       If you were on a voluntary break
There are several reasons for taking a time out. Personal reasons like marriage, pregnancy, accident or health induce you to take a voluntary break. It is important to mention such reasons if the break is a really long one.

4.       Skills acquired during the gap
Employers are constantly looking for candidates who have nurtured additional skills over a period of time. If you have acquired any particular skill while on the break, make sure it is included in the CV. provides one of the best CV writing services in Dubai and Sharjah. If you want to create a compelling and engaging CV, please get in touch with us right away.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

What recruiters look for in a CV?

Recruiters are bombarded with hundreds of CVs every day. With so many candidates vying for the same job, it becomes enormously tedious for recruiters to shortlist suitable candidates. What can be done to make the cut? How can you get grab the recruiter’s attention? The answer is simple. Create a CV keeping in mind the recruiter. So what do recruiters really look for in a CV? We list down the four major sections in your CV.

1.       Relevant experience: Recruiters look for candidates who have the same required experience or similar experience in their previous or current job. Recruiters usually scroll through the experience to filter out irrelevant CVs. Hence, if you have relevant experience, try to match it or alter it according to the job description. Do not copy anything but craft it smartly to get noticed.
2.       Skills: The Skills section is one of the most important part of your CV. Recruiters are curiously to know about your skills. List all the applicable skills as per the job requirements. Ignoring this section can cost you your dream job.
3.       Achievements at work: Recruiters want to see how result oriented you are. You need to quantify your achievements instead of just mentioning about it in the CV. Recruiters are looking for facts and figures. For e.g., in the case of a sales manager, his achievement should be the total figure of the sales target he achieved for the company.
4.       Education: Hiring managers are also interested to know your educational qualifications. He wants to know if you are under qualified or over qualified for the job. Just mention all your degrees starting with the last concluded along with the year of completion would suffice.

These categories are the most important sections of your CV. make sure you work on these appropriately. is one such organisation that provides excellent CV writing services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our expert resume writers make sure your CV is an ideal match to your targeted job requirements.  To know more about, please contact us right away.

Monday, 9 November 2015

How to Give a Great Video Interview

Video marketing is a force you cannot avoid. If you can hold a teleseminar interview over the phone, with a few adjustments, you can host a video interview.

Make eye contact with your camera or the interviewee. Eye contact is remarkably important in real life as well as on camera.

Keep your energy high. The camera diffuses your energy so you'll need to exaggerate your facial and vocal expressions, as well as your gestures.

Focus on good posture. Remember the camera lens has tunnel vision so if you slouch or rock or bob your head, your excess motion shows up as if you're a sloppy interviewer. provides you the Interview Training in Dubai along with the best CV writing services in UAE.