Monday, 29 May 2017


The Internet has paved its way into becoming a hotspot for recruitment. Thousands of people send their applications across via web headhunting portals. Even so, it is essential to know the ways in which you can seamlessly find your dream job online. Read further to get insight on tips for job hunting online:

1. Keywords are key (literally): When you send out your resumes to big organizations, you can be assured that it is equivalent to throwing a needle into a black hole. With so many applications, it can get difficult to find the right candidate, which is why recruiters make use of applicant tracking systems. Based on criteria set by potential employers such as skillset, the ATS sorts out the resumes. So you need to be specific about the keywords that you would use to grab the attention of these employers.

2. Add more to your occupational contour than the standard linearity: Resumes prepared in chronological order and are generally linear in nature. This means that if you have a career gap be it months or years, chances are that those gaps will be blatantly highlighted. In this gap, being more proactive is key and adding to your skill set will show employers that you are passionate about learning new things every day. As an added advantage, your resume becomes slightly more different than the conventional resume.

3. Start small: Companies that perform activities on a smaller scale may manually scan through the applications that they receive. Those individuals who may not have ATS optimized resumes have a higher chance of having their resumes viewed by humans as opposed to a software, definitely leading to an increase in hiring opportunities. 

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