Thursday, 28 September 2017

Types of interview, follow us at

Before getting into the race of finding a job, you need to first understand the different types of interviews that are conducted around the world. Getting prepared with each type will help you perform well in changing environments.

1     One on one traditional interview
This is the most basic and traditional form of interview where you are being puzzled by a solo interviewer.

2       Telephonic interview
A telephonic interview usually conducted to screen whether you are worth calling for a round of face to face interview. You need to be honest, courteous as well as polite while answering. 

3       Interview via skype
Off late, many companies are conducting interviews via Skype especially if the candidate and interviewer are located in different states or countries. It takes the telephonic interview to the next level. You need to dress just like you dress for a face to face interview.   

      Panel interview
The interview is conducted with a panel of interviewers with one chairperson heading the panel. This kind of interview can be quite intimidating. Such interviews are more popular in the public sector.

      Group interview
A group of candidates are clubbed together with a moderator leading a discussion on a particular topic. Every candidate is expected to express an opinion and debate confidently. Some group interviews also involve completing certain tasks in groups which helps them gauge the candidate’s leadership as well as team skills.

       Interview over lunch/dinner
Interviews over lunch or dinner is mostly conducted for senior positions. In such kind of interviews, the employer is looking to assess your communication and interpersonal skills. The employers wants to know in-depth about you.  

7       Apprentice interview
Few companies only hire candidates after witnessing their actual performance. You will be asked to execute a task successfully and your performance will be assessed during the course of the task.

8       Career Fair interview
Career fairs have become a fad in the HR industry. It is one of the best platform for freshers to get hired. Impromptu interviews are conducted at several booths and you have around 10 to 15 minutes to convince the employers why you are the best. is one of the fastest CV Writing and interview training Service provider in the UAE offering reliable distribution services. To know more, email us at or call us on +97143554850 

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Why does your CV lack behind when others succeed? Insights for the GCC

You prepared your CV, make sure you add all the relevant experience and details that you want to showcase to the recruiter, but still, you are not shortlisted. Ever wondered why? Or, did you ever get a chance to share your resume with people from the recruitment industry and get an insight? There are few things that every good CV should have, and missing out on these things will limit your job applications from being a successful one.

1. Missing out on the Keywords
Not adding the relevant keywords to your current and the future job can limit your CV’s exposure. Recruiters use keywords to sort and filter out the CVs. If you don’t have the keywords they use in the filters, your chances are down.

2. Lacking a professional touch
Homemade CVs are like vegetables that you find in the market. But professional CVs are those expensive and well-grown fruits that you find on high-end supermarket shelves. Get your CV reviewed by a professional expert to update on the missing points and stay ahead.

3. Are you a Doer or Achiever?
It is really important to know what a doer is and what an achiever is. Companies don’t want to hire a doer, they need achievers.

Example of Doer: Managing the office supplies and making sure they never run out.
Example of an Achiever: Spearheading office management activities that include office supply and maintenance.

Want to know more on what aspects to improve your CV? Contact us and we will be happy to help you. Share your enquiry on today to get help on CV writing and editing or call us at 043554850

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Did you know how much time you should be spending on job search?

One of the greatest difficulties of this new age is finding a job. If you are a fresher or unemployed due to any reason, do you know how much you are spending on searching for a new job? It is a real challenge to find a job that not only meets your preferred role and industry but also your requirements in terms of salary, location, and many other factors. The question is how much time you should really spend for your job search.

1. For Fresher’s that are about to graduate
If your college doesn’t provide support for placements, this is the time you should start your job search. You need to spend almost 10 to 15 hours per week in terms of analyzing the market, reviewing the types of roles matching your profile and interests, and identifying the companies that you are interested in. If is wise that you engage in the job search process at least for a couple of hours every day.

2. Unemployed Recently
It is hard to get rid of the feeling of being unemployed. Everyone desires for a stable job and a rewarding career. To achieve this, you need to take up the job search very seriously and give at least 25 – 30 hours a week. This includes developing your professional network, building contacts, identifying matching opportunities and submitting your application. It will be helpful if you can chart out what you want to do the next day according to the time.

3. Want to Change Job
If you are the one unhappy with your current job and want to move to a better one, you need to put in at least 7 – 10 hours of job search per week. As you are already demotivated in your current job, your job search process will go quite well. Make sure the jobs you apply for are better than the current one as you may not want to switch your job to a more miserable one and later regret on switching.

4. Career Change
This is a big decision and will need a good amount of time and research. At least 7 to 9 hours a week are required to explore the new industry you want to move in. Before you take the plunge, make sure that you have thought about your decision and have no regrets in changing the career path. You will need to build the new skills required for the new career and take up tough measures to bring your skills on par with other job seekers in that industry.

Keep your hopes up and look for your new job with high spirits. wishes you all happy job hunting.

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

How should you job hunt – Tips from

Back in the days when internet was not available, job hunting was a time consuming task with limited resources that actually tell a candidate where a job opening is. But today, thanks to modern technology and ultra-fast internet, information moves like a swift breeze. You can get hold of multitude of job openings in no time. However, do you know where to look for jobs? Read on.

Visit Recruitment Agencies
These agencies have tie-ups with companies in the country and have up to date information on which candidates are required. Visiting a local recruitment company can allow you to submit your CV or even attend an interview.

There are a lot of advertising portals online that recruiters use to post jobs. These advertising portals can be free classified or paid job portals. No matter what they are, just sign up and subscribe for job alerts on your preferred industry and job type.

Initiate Networking
While the old sit-and-wait concept for job application is a by-gone thing. Today, you need to be proactive and involve actively in networking to build contacts that you can actually use in future. Join LinkedIn and other professional website that allow candidates to socialize.

Apart from the above, you will also need a professional CV that will allow you to sell your skills. If you need help in CV writing in Dubai, call on 0569173311 or leave an inquiry at

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Professional certifications add more value to CV, follow us at

According to professional career assistance UAE companies, professional certifications are extremely important for creating a meaningful career roadmap. On the other hand, it has been observed in general that people equipped with strong professional certification can take better risk for expanding their career horizon.

How Professional certifications matters
At writing service domain different enquiries are received where people ask for professional backup of resume writing service. As a trend of job market it is generally observed that people with valid professional certifications about their skillset enjoy wider prospects to prove their mettle.

How skill set certification helps in making better decisions
Professional certifications stands guarantee for the authenticity of the skillset claim by the candidate. Recruiters can consider it a no-risk decision in hiring a trained workforce who has validation of certification because these certificates can be cross checked.

Skill set certification is a passive way to boost confidence of a worker that helps him to continue his job hunt productively. It gets easier for certified professionals to face a job interview because his certificates can validate his expertise.

A well written resume can amicably highlight the work experience of a skilled worker along with the list of professional certification he has acquired so far.  Headhunters can help a professional/job seeker for planning his successful career plan after checking the validation of all professional certification he holds.

Contact CV writing service for your one-stop resume writing support. Call at 043554850 & mail at

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

5 secrets to get your resume noticed by the prospective employers, follow us at

Getting noticed via resume is the dream for all job seekers but sometimes lack of tricks stands as a hindrance in getting the desired result. Use these 5 sure shot tricks used in professional CV writing in Dubai to make your resume properly noticed.

Use proper keyword
Online job search is the best way and it works like a quickie for your job hunting. You may not be proficient enough for finding the right keyword for your resume optimization, but you may hire a professional resume help in GCC service.

Get a quality cover letter
A professional cover letter helps in presenting the resume in a good introductory envelope. You can avail professional help from professional, CV writing service provider in Dubai with a global network.

Hire Professional LinkedIn Profile Content Writing service from Experts like
By hiring professional LinkedIn Profile Content Writing service from Experts like Our highly experienced writing team can give your LinkedIn profile a grand boost and by uploading it in your account your profile will reach in the hand of prospective employers.

Avoid superficial words according to resume help in GCC service
It has been recently observed that recruiters don’t like to read superficial words like “sincere”, “dedicated”, “highly focused”, etc., in resume. Rather they prefer to check the performance track and professional expertise skill list.

Make your resume a professional one with the help of CV writing in Dubai service
Resume writing is a matter of professional expertise.  Hire one of the professional service providers from CV writing in Dubai service list.

Contact CV writing service for your one-stop resume writing support. Call at 043554850 & mail at

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