Sunday, 30 August 2015

Qualities that employers are looking for in a candidate

Every time you end an interview, you are always left wondering what exactly the employer was looking for. Most of the times, candidates are clueless about what to expect from the recruiter. There are few qualities that employers wish to see in a candidate.
1.       Intelligence
It is usually observed that intelligent employees demonstrate highest level of productivity. It is the ability to deal with day to day challenges with practical sensibility. Hence, the first thing the employer will gauge is your intelligence. He will ask you tricky questions to assess your intelligence. He would also like to hear from you. Therefore, you can exhibit your intelligence level by asking intelligent questions.
2.       Leadership Skills
Recruiters usually look for candidates with the ability to lead a team. He should be willing to take up responsibilities willingly without making any excuses. He should be a self-starter and motivate his team members.
3.       Competency
Employers are curious to know your competency level.  In simple words, the employer wants to know how well you can get the work done. It is the most important aspect while hiring a candidate.
4.       Risk taking abilities
To succeed in life, one has to take calculated risks. Every employer tries to find to what extent the candidate is willing to take risks. A recruiter will always choose a candidate who assesses the situation and accordingly takes calculated risks.
5.       Congeniality
  Candidates with charming and outgoing personalities are usually popular among peers. Since most of work is done in teams, it is very important to know that the person can get along with others without creating any rifts within the team. provides one of the best recruitment services in Dubai. To hire the best candidate as per your requirements, please feel free to talk to our consultants.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

What recruiters look for in a CV?

Recruiters are bombarded with hundreds of CVs every day. With so many candidates vying for the same job, it becomes enormously tedious for recruiters to shortlist suitable candidates. What can be done to make the cut? How can you get grab the recruiter’s attention? The answer is simple. Create a CV keeping in mind the recruiter. So what do recruiters really look for in a CV? We list down the four major sections in your CV.

1.    Relevant experience: Recruiters look for candidates who have the same required experience or similar experience in their previous or current job. Recruiters usually scroll through the experience to filter out irrelevant CVs. Hence, if you have relevant experience, try to match it or alter it according to the job description. Do not copy anything but craft it smartly to get noticed.
2.       Skills: The Skills section is one of the most important part of your CV. Recruiters are curiously to know about your skills. List all the applicable skills as per the job requirements. Ignoring this section can cost you your dream job.
3.       Achievements at work: Recruiters want to see how result oriented you are. You need to quantify your achievements instead of just mentioning about it in the CV. Recruiters are looking for facts and figures. For e.g., in the case of a sales manager, his achievement should be the total figure of the sales target he achieved for the company.
4.       Education: Hiring managers are also interested to know your educational qualifications. He wants to know if you are under qualified or over qualified for the job. Just mention all your degrees starting with the last concluded along with the year of completion would suffice.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dissertation writing Support – What do you need to know?

Dissertations are amongst the hardest assignments you can ever have to complete. Structuring and creating a dissertation requires great patience and expertise.Amid of other academic tasks, working on dissertation can seem time consuming and monotonous task compelling one to quit even before completing it. Completing your dissertation is no more tedious when there are expert writers to do it on your behalf.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Resume development services in Dubai

A perfect resume acts like a catalyst in your professional growth. It’s your resume that describes you to the management even before you reach them. If dreaming about a great shot at your next career opportunity, your resume needs to be in the best possible form. Your Resume, with no doubt should be the best in the industry which would reflect your strengths, key skills and goals. with Resume development services in Dubai, delivered exactly what you wish for!
We, at take on the state of mind of the employer and recruiter when crafting and working on your resumes. We plan your resume to portray out the most important aspects of your profile and secure interviews. With our exceptional qualified team members we would offer you dedicated, interview-winning, result-oriented, proficient Resumes. We make sure absolute fulfillment to you with our adapted approach and offer you amendments in your resume till satisfaction.  We assure serving you the best with our resume writing services in Dubai.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

How many types of resume do you know??

Before you start drafting your resume, finalize on the type of resume you want to create as per your work experience and type of job. There are several formats of a resume that you should be aware off. 
  • Chronological Resume: This is a type of format where you list your work history in a     chronological order starting from the most recent job until your first job. It is one of the most popular type of resume formats and preferred by many employers. It gives a snapshot of relevant work experience to the employers.
  • Functional Resume: Functional resumes are usually used if you have had any lapses in your work life or do not have much work experience to boost about. This format can be effectively used to highlight your skills and experience.  Your employment history is mentioned later on but the complete focus will be on your skills. If you have a changed your career several times or you still not sure which industry you want to target, a functional resume is the best option. 
  •  Combination Resume: Combination resumes are a fusion of chronological as well as functional resumes. You need to highlight both skills as well as your experience, with your work experience drafted in a chronological order. This kind of resume is highly customized and gives your employer a better view of your CV at a single glance. provides one of the best CV writing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our expert team of writers can write tailor made CV’s to fit as per your requirements. Why wait anymore? Contact right away. 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to create a resume for freshers?

Creating a resume for freshers can be a daunting task. It is an important tool for a fresh college graduate to sell themselves to the recruiter. Resume for freshers can be tricky. A good resume should be drafted in a professional manner to attract the attention of employers.

Here are few tips which can help you create a good resume.
1.       Keep the resume restricted to maximum two pages only.
2.       Draft a catchy header which should grab the employer’s attention
3.       Write an objective which is should be realistic and precise
4.       Highlight all your academic credentials and achievements
5.       Mention relevant internship and part time job experience
6.       Highlight all relevant skills
7.       Extra-curricular activities and voluntary social engagements hold a special place in a fresher’s              resume
8.       Use bullet points wherever possible
9.       Format your CV as per regional requirements
10.   Back up your CV with a compelling cover letter provides one of the best CV writing services in Dubai and Sharjah. Our expert resume writers can develop professional fresher resumes which will definitely entice recruiters. For professional CV writing services, please contact today.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Types of interview

Before getting into the race of finding a job, you need to first understand the different types of interviews that are conducted around the world. Getting prepared with each type will help you perform well in changing environments.
1.       One on one traditional interview
This is the most basic and traditional form of interview where you are being puzzled by a solo interviewer.
2.       Telephonic interview
A telephonic interview usually conducted to screen whether you are worth calling for a round of face to face interview. You need to be honest, courteous as well as polite while answering. 
3.       Interview via skype
Off late, many companies are conducting interviews via Skype especially if the candidate and interviewer are located in different states or countries. It takes the telephonic interview to the next level. You need to dress just like you dress for a face to face interview.   
4.       Panel interview
The interview is conducted with a panel of interviewers with one chairperson heading the panel. This kind of interview can be quite intimidating. Such interviews are more popular in the public sector.
5.       Group interview
A group of candidates are clubbed together with a moderator leading a discussion on a particular topic. Every candidate is expected to express an opinion and debate confidently. Some group interviews also involve completing certain tasks in groups which helps them gauge the candidate’s leadership as well as team skills.
6.       Interview over lunch/dinner
Interviews over lunch or dinner is mostly conducted for senior positions. In such kind of interviews, the employer is looking to assess your communication and interpersonal skills. The employers wants to know in-depth about you.  
7.       Apprentice interview
Few companies only hire candidates after witnessing their actual performance. You will be asked to execute a task successfully and your performance will be assessed during the course of the task.
8.       Career Fair interview
Career fairs have become a fad in the HR industry. It is one of the best platform for freshers to get hired. Impromptu interviews are conducted at several booths and you have around 10 to 15 minutes to convince the employers why you are the best. provides one of the best interview training services in Dubai. Please feel free to contact via mail or call to speak to our trainers.  

Monday, 17 August 2015

Cover Letter Writing – What are the types?

Your first step to apply for a job, cover letter is basically a stepping stone that can secure your job interview. You may have heard about cover letter while applying through numerous job portals, however, do you know what exactly a cover letter is?
To be precise, a cover letter is not a regular letter. It falls under various categories based on the need. Below are few details that you need to know to better understand the working of a cover letter and how to use it the right way. Get the best Cover Letter writing services in Dubai at

1. Application Cover Letter
This cover letter, as the name applies, is utilized for applying for a job. If you see an advertisement for a job opening, you send an application cover letter specifying you interest in that position.

2. Inquiry Cover Letter
What do you do if you do not find any job advertisement that matches your profile? You send an inquiry cover letter. You can send this letter to recruitment firms or corporate houses expressing your interest in a suitable opportunity. If you find your profile interesting and have a job opening matching your profile, they will contact you.

3. Follow up Cover Letter
This letter is usually sent after a job interview or meeting thanking the other party for the meeting and checking up on the status of the meeting.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Importance of cover letter while applying for a job

Just like a CV, a cover letter can also make or break the deal for a candidate. A cover letter is often ignored by candidates by either sending a poorly drafted one or by not attaching it at all. Either ways, both can cost you your dream job. Candidates need to realize the importance of a cover letter soon and how it enhances their chances of achieving their desired job.

Recruiters usually go through to the cover letter first before delving into the details on the CV of the candidate. Hence, the cover letter should be interesting, crisp and a reflection of your personality. Recruiters want to see your passion and why you are interested in the job. A well written cover letter is your first step towards engaging with your potential employer.

A good cover letter should always be tailor made as per the job. Every CV you send should be accompanied by a customized cover letter. It shows your perseverance and passion towards the job.

If you think you are not quite comfortable drafting a convincing cover letter, can help you create a unique cover letter along with a CV. provides one of the best CV and cover writing services in the UAE and will help you land your dream job. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Professional CV writing- Make a positive impression on Recruiters

In today’s competitive world, it is important that you have the best qualifications in order to stand out from the rest. This can be done by glorifying your achievements and at the same time making yourself look humble and professional. That is where the role of a good CV comes in. With the help of professional CV writing you can make a positive impression on recruiters.

CV writing entails that you have the best looking resume amongst the other candidates and that is where comes in. We have some of the best writers in the business who will make sure that you have an amazing resume to display to your recruiters and ensure that you get a job almost instantly. So don’t worry, just come to us and we will provide you with Professional CV writing service in Dubai.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Few Tips on "How to improve your CV"

Your CV is often considered as a passport to secure an interview call. It is vital to create a strong CV which should not only reflect your achievements and goals but should also be a reflection of your personality. Recruiters usually take 20 to 30 seconds to glance through a CV and if you don’t grab his attention within this time frame, then all your efforts are of no avail.  Improvising your CV can be a daunting task. But getting it spot on will be a stepping stone towards landing that dream job.

Make a bold personal statement
A personal statement is the backbone of your CV. It needs to be powerful and endearing. By just a glimpse of it, you should be able to sell yourself to the recruiter. Your personal statement should induce the recruiter to further dig into your details and know more about you. Avoid clich├ęd words like self-motivated or hard-working individual as these old school descriptions bring nothing new to the table. Instead, focus on how you can create a difference within the company and what is it that you have to offer.

Make structural changes
Choose a CV format according to your experience and qualifications. If you are an experienced professional, highlight your relevant work experience along with your accomplishments at work. If you are a fresher, feature your academic achievements prominently. Accentuate your skill sets which are more likely to grab the recruiter’s attention. Try to limit your CV within two to three pages maximum, making it crisp and interesting. Your core strengths should be conveyed within a single glance.

Emphasize on keywords
Thousands of CVs are stored in databases. Hence, to extract potential candidates, recruiters usually use specific keywords such as a general skill set, industry specific skills, job titles or technical jargons while CV mining. To end up in the recruiter’s search list, it is mandatory to list relevant keywords mentioned in the job description to maximize your chances of getting noticed.

Special focus on extra-curricular activities
Recruiters often prefer well rounded candidates who not only excel in academics and at work, but also demonstrate interest in other social activities. Letting the employer know about your various hobbies and interests can give a deep insight into your personality.  

Create multiple versions of your CV
You cannot rely on a single CV while sending it across to multiple recruiters. Every job demands specific requirements. So your CV should also be tailor made as per the job description. Try to make the CV as relevant as possible. Your skills, qualifications and experience should match the requirements of the recruiter. Make necessary alterations as per the job specifications.

The CV should convey your story. It is an essential tool to create your brand identity in the job market. If you have waited long enough to get an interview call, then it is high time to navigate through your CV, make imperative changes and create a captivating and winning resume.

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

What is a global resume – gives you the basics

A global resume is basically a resume that has international standards, and is accepted in majority of the countries across the globe. Here are few hints on what you need to know and do when developing a global resume.
1. When you begin composing your global resume, you will choose if moving abroad is truly something that you need to do. This is a colossal step and might be very threatening.
2. Verify that you do enough exploration about the country you are considering to more to before you begin composing your global resume. This should be completed before you begin sending around your global resume.
3. Preparing a global resume does not imply that you can't put out a few sensors to see what organizations might be interested in procuring somebody from an alternate nation.
4.  You can send a letter of investment to the same number organizations as you might like and after that hold up to see that reacts. Anyhow sending your universal resume shows a pledge level that you have to have the capacity to meet.
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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Get the best CV Writing Services in Dubai

Nowadays, with the kind of competition that is there in any sector, it is important that one is able to stay ahead of the game in all aspects. That is why, even before playing the game, you need to be selected and to do so you require your credentials to stand out. Now, you can get the best out of your achievements with one of the best CV writing services in Dubai. is one of the best teams of content writers who are present in the Emirates area and with the help of our dedicated and professional writers, we will be able to get you the best CV writing services in Dubai that will guarantee your success and a good job at any sector that you prefer. We would love it if you give us a call, so don’t hesitate to call the best in the business.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

CV Writing Services in Dubai

Today, standing out from the crowd is essential as the market is highly crucial. Having a CV is a basic prerequisite for any job application process as it promotes you as the best candidate for the job.  Even the interview procedures start only after the recruiters are convinced by the way you have presented yourselves in your CV. So, seeking expert CV writing Services in Dubai is essential to carry along professional CV for interviews.

At, CV writing service is completely ‘YOU’ focused. The CV will be worked on the way that suits you the best. Our professional CV writing service has the power to get the doors opened for you. At we make sure that it exactly happens. Through our flawless discussion process, specialist writing services, we enhance your career potential.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

CV Writing for Media Professionals

Scrutinizing and putting select pivotal words is essential in guaranteeing that your paper resume ascents to the surface. Media resumes are no diverse. Here once more, it’s about making presentation for you and your experience. Some piece of this hinges on upon how you structure your social media resume. You may make it a standalone single page like a universal resume, or you could break it into particular segments (aptitudes, accreditation's, references, accomplishments, markets worked in, items sold).

Breaking it into distinctive areas can permit you to target and enhance particular essential words around identified substance for each one page. Thoughtfully, this is fundamentally the same to enhancing unique sites and pages keeping in mind the end goal to drive movement and rank high in web indexes. To get the best resume service call well-known for UAE CV writing.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Is LinkedIn your path to a new job????

LinkedIn is a capable tool that allows professionals and businesses alike to associate with each other. Anyway to get the most out of the profits LinkedIn offers you must compose a profile that attracts your target audience. A profile will help construct your trustworthiness on the situation and impart an extremely positive early introduction to the individuals who scan your profile. Here are a couple of crests on the most proficient method to compose a LinkedIn profile to that gives you a fortune to glow.

Magic word rich headline

Make beyond any question the primary magic words you want to be associated with are in your professional headline. For the sake of illustration, how about we say you are a marketing advisor. When you desire people to notice you for consulting jobs, then you accept to put up 'marketing consultant' as part of your headline. To get the best LinkedIn profile call famous for LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in Dubai.

LinkedIn profile searches work by scanning the headlines of each and every profile for decisive word entrances, much like how Google or Yahoo! finds websites based on the catchphrases you enter into the website. This is the reason your headline's contents are vital to your profile's visibility and prominence in LinkedIn. LinkedIn Profile writers are available at your doorstep….

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Importance of a Resume

Your resume is amazingly essential. Consider it. In the compass of a couple of pages, you have to pass on that you are deserving of anyhow being acknowledged for that employment opportunity.

It truly doesn't make a difference assuming that you are seeking a chief work or an official position, what's essential is that the resume substance and resume layout fit the position within reach, unfortunately, numerous ruin their chances at occupation victory in light of the fact that they can't design their resumes legitimately. Don't be one of them. Take after our resume tips and you'll find the opportunity you merit.

When you go on your chase for incredible employment meeting tips, you may as well first keep tabs on writing an extraordinary resume.

All things considered, the employment meeting will come if your resume says you merit it. To get the best resume service call famous for UAE CV writing.

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