Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Professional certifications improve career to make better decisions:  go for Career assistance UAE

According to professional career assistance UAE companies, professional certifications are extremely important for creating a meaningful career road map. On the other hand, it has been observed in general that people equipped with strong professional certification can take better risk for expanding their career horizon.

How Professional certifications matters
At resume.ae writing service domain different inquiries are received where people ask for professional backup of resume distribution service. As a trend of job market it is generally observed that people with valid professional certifications about their skill set enjoy wider prospects to prove their mettle.

How skill set certification helps in making better decisions
Professional certifications stands guarantee for the authenticity of the skill set claim by the candidate. Recruiters can consider it a no-risk decision in hiring a trained workforce who has validation of certification because these certificates can be cross checked.

Skill set certification is a passive way to boost confidence of a worker that helps him to continue his job hunt productively. It gets easier for certified professionals to face a job interview because his certificates can validate his expertise.

A well written resume can amicably highlight the work experience of a skilled worker along with the list of professional certification he has acquired so far.  Headhunters can help a professional/job seeker for planning his successful career plan after checking the validation of all professional certification he holds.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

4 Reasons why adding your master’s degree will increase your CV value

Professional resume writing services Dubai like writers.ae often take detail account of the educational credential of the candidates whose resume writing service they undertake. Master’s Degree holders often get praiseworthy repercussion from recruitment companies. However, there are at least 4 specific reasons why professional resume service Dubai put special emphasis on master’s degree in CV!

It clarifies the educational expertise of the candidate
When a relevant Master’s degree is added in a CV it enhances the marketability of the CV. The mention of a successful Master’s degree in CV helps recruiters to count on the educational expertise of the candidate.

It justifies certain command over the subject
Master degree on a subject signifies the special command over a subject. For example master’s in business management qualification justifies a candidates claim to be good manager.

It signifies the educational standard of the candidate
A master’s Degree signifies highest standard of education in a stream. In terms of evaluation, a subject matter expert can be chosen by the qualification of master’s degree at its minimum.

It increases marketability of a resume
Professional resume service Dubai like writers.ae can market a resume for wide range of lucrative jobs by crafting a top class CV for the concerned professionals. The increased marketability helps a candidate to explore his professional career with better ease.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

5 secrets to get your resume noticed by using writers.ae CV writing

Getting noticed via resume is the dream for all job seekers but sometimes lack of tricks stands as a hindrance in getting the desired result. Use these 5 sure shot tricks used in professional CV writing in Dubai to make your resume properly noticed.

Use proper keyword
Online job search is the best way and it works like a quickie for your job hunting. You may not be proficient enough for finding the right keyword for your resume optimization, but you may hire a professional resume help in GCC service.

Hire CV distribution service from professionals like writers.ae CV writing
By hiring CV distribution service from professional service providers like writers.ae CV writing team can give your resume a grand boost by submitting them in the hand of potential recruiters.

Get a quality cover letter
A professional cover letter helps in presenting the resume in a good introductory envelope. You can avail professional help from professional writers.ae, CV writing service provider in Dubai with a global network.

Avoid superficial words according to resume help in GCC service
It has been recently observed that recruiters don’t like to read superficial words like “sincere”, “dedicated”, “highly focused”, etc., in resume. Rather they prefer to check the performance track and professional expertise skill list.

Make your resume a professional one with the help of CV writing in Dubai service
Resume writing is a matter of professional expertise.  Hire one of the professional service providers from CV writing in Dubai service list.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How to create a resume for freshers?

Creating a resume for freshers can be a daunting task. It is an important tool for a fresh college graduate to sell themselves to the recruiter. Resume for freshers can be tricky. A good resume should be drafted in a professional manner to attract the attention of employers.

Here are few tips which can help you create a good resume.
  •               Keep the resume restricted to maximum two pages only.
  •           Draft a catchy header which should grab the employer’s attention
  •           Write an objective which is should be realistic and precise
  •           Highlight all your academic credentials and achievements
  •           Mention relevant internship and part time job experience
  •           Highlight all relevant skills
  •             Extra-curricular activities and voluntary social engagements hold a special place in a fresher’s resume.
  •          Use bullet points wherever possible
  •          Format your CV as per regional requirements
  •        Back up your CV with a compelling cover letter

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Targeting a New Job in 2016 – Create a new opportunity with Resume.ae

To achieve success, you need to create a strategy. To get a job, you need to create a strategy too. In this New Year, finding a new job may not be as easy as you have perceived. With efforts, strong will and dedication, you will also require a good CV, a LinkedIn profile and an effective process to apply. 

Resume.ae shares with you an anatomy to target a new job this New Year:

Identify your Target that is recognized by Employers
Whenever you apply for a new job, ensure that the target title is paired with a geographic location name, industry or organization name and job tile.
Example: A Sales Manager, in Dubai, focused on Business Development Operations….

Identify the Target Company
Once you have completed the above step, go a google search with the title you have prepared and list out the top 50 companies. These are the companies that you are truly interested or they have interested in some aspect. You can call this list ‘The Plan’.

Identify Networking Events and Participate
Once you have your plan ready, try to get in free business networking events and activities going on in the area and communicate with the other attendees. Once you have developed good rapport, share your plan with them and ask if they recognize any of the 50 companies you have listed. If yes, boldly ask for a recommendation or reference.

There are always new ways to find that perfect job you have been looking for. Resume.ae aims to help all job seeking candidates to avail the best job through its candidate support services. To know more about our services, kindly visit www.resume.ae today!